We’re Dogdrop


 About us

We’re busy people that love dogs.

And we’re from Los Angeles. We couldn’t find dog care that fit our lifestyle, and we realized that other people were having the same problem.

Our solution is Dogdrop.

Dogdrop is dog care for busy people. No matter why or when you’re busy, we don’t want you to worry about finding great, reasonably priced, convenient dog care. We know getting across town is a trek, that sometimes you want to go to dinner after work, and that your dog just needs a place to run around.

community is important to us.

Humans aren’t always the greatest at socializing these days, but dogs have a tendency to bring us together. We’re embracing that full on and we want to mix and mingle with other dog people. Come to one of our dog and human friendly events, and meet some new friends.


Meet our co-founders

SHaina Denny, CEO

SHaina Denny, CEO

Greer Wilk, COO

Greer Wilk, COO


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