We’re Dogdrop


What makes Dogdrop different than other dog care?


Our Space

Every aspect of our space has been designed with your pup’s well being in mind—from the way we manage sound to the lighting and safety measures. We’ve created different spaces for open play, training and quiet time. Plus, the human area is so nice, you might just want to hang out.


Health and Happiness

It’s easy to get carried away with treats and lounging around, but don’t forget to give your pup the chance to be active.

Pup playtime increases their overall health, as does the much needed mental stimulation of short training sessions throughout the day.


Peace of mind

Your dog always has a safe and friendly place to belong at Dogdrop. We’re open from 7am-10pm, so go to work, yoga, or out for drinks and know we’ve got your back!

All of our attendants are vetted, dog CPR certified, and follow our training philosophy.


 About us

We’re busy people from LA that love dogs. We couldn’t find dog care that fit our lifestyle, and we realized other people were having the same problem. So we decided to rethink the whole dog daycare experience. Enter, Dogdrop.

Co-Founder and CEO, Shaina Denny

Co-Founder and CEO, Shaina Denny

Co-Founder and COO, Greer Wilk

Co-Founder and COO, Greer Wilk


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