Something new is coming to the Arts District.

Woof Woof

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Calling all errand runners, After work drink-havers, sometimes 9-5ers, and Early morning gym-goers.



Located where you already live, work, and play—we’re launching drops in the most convenient locations throughout LA.


Flexible memberships

Save money and time, access any dogdrop location, pop in and out—whenever.

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Social stuff

All dog daycare memberships include access to our events, workshops and anything else we dream up.


Drop in. Even if you don’t live here.


Welcome to
The neighborhood

If you haven’t been, you should come now. From bars to restaurants, art spaces to retail, the Arts District has so much to offer and more is popping up every day (erm…Soho House!?).

So come by, check it out, drop off your pup for a bit.